The Creation Of A Privileged Royal Narcissist

Everyone has an opinion on “Megxit” and I’m definitely one of them. I’m a little confused as to why Megan and Harry left the monarchy to live “normal” lives yet they want the “not so normal” perks such as their “security” and their child’s “title”. I’m not sure if they realize this but when “normal” people leave their job or anything the perks go along with it. If I left my job as CEO, I will no longer receive my pension and benefits and my title as CEO of Company X.

Also, why are they crying for security to be taken care of when they just signed a Netflix and Spotify deal for over $200 million. I’m sure they will be making more than enough to pay for security themselves. And if security was actually that important, of all the places you would choose to live, why on earth would it be California? Most people I know who are seeking “security” or “privacy” they go to rural places. I mean Kanye got a place in Wyoming! Am I missing something?

A narcissist is defined as someone someone who is selfish, demanding and manipulative. I find this interview made with Oprah to be all of the above. It was as though Harry and Megan did not get what they wanted from the Royal family and knew that they would be able to spill any private information in order to get what they want and they did just that. Its as though they are trying to manipulate the public with their narrative and creative this media army on their side in order to win over and get what they want. And of course Oprah had to be all over that. I also find it off that Megan invited Oprah to her wedding. I doubt they were chums when she was on “Make a Deal” or “Suits”. But I guess everyone is just using everyone here in this situation.

In the interview Megan said she didn’t look up Harry before they started dating. Um… she lived in Canada. I’m from Canada, and the Royal family is as popular in Canada as in the UK. Did she not recognize the queen on our money? Also I have an issue how race and suicide was brought into this interview, I feel as though it is bombs which people won’t question. A conversation about the color of a child doesn’t exactly mean someone is racist. I come from a mixed family (dad being black and my mom is white) and we talk about our grandkids skin color all the time. It’s actually a productive conversation because we try to learn and find a way to discuss and introduce the difference in a healthy way. I have been asked what color my child will be however it wasn’t with malicious intent, it was an honest question. My dad is very dark and my mom is pale white and I am the only one with dark skin, my siblings are light skinned with light eyes. And that is why I don’t appreciate how that conversation was spun out negative, especially being someone from a mixed family. And for suicide to be brought up in the way that she did also makes me very angry. I have family who have struggled with this and it bothers me because this is a life long battle. Britney Spears I feel was hounded at a younger age and she is in the career where fame comes with the territory. Megan hired a matchmaker who matched her with Harry so I’m very lost and confused with what she didn’t already realize she was walking into. I just don’t feel this girl is genuine. And to be throwing suicide during an interview which had the intent to exploit the Royal family bothers me. I feel it would have been more genuine and sincere if she brought it up in another way. This just gave me an icky feeling.

During these times surviving a pandameic, people are losing their jobs, homes, businesses, family, friends and more. I have an enormaous issue with someone crying the blues in their Beverly Hills $18 million mansion crying the blues because they didn’t get what they wanted, especially during these times! The entitled privliged mindset makes me want to vomit! The comparisons to Diana are also ridiculous. Diana met with Mother Theresa and hugged people suffering with HIV which was major taboo at the time. She was young, loving and brought unity and grew up in front of the world.She literally was the virginal sacrificial lamb with an innocent heart. Megan was a divorced, suitcase model that nobody heard or knew of. In Canada she was in a “Reitman’s” commercial which her “celebrity” was part of the plotline and nobody knew who the hell she was. Sorry girl. You aren’t Diana, and I don’t feel bad for you. Not now or ever.

This interview just gave me entitled privilged vibes. They literally tossed the Royal family under the bus and made a manipulative interivew just because they weren’t getting what they wanted. I don’t find them genuine but privilged, spoiled, selfish and entitled narcissists.

What do you think? Do you feel they were genunine? Do you feel bad for them? Do you feel what they did was awful? Let me know your thoughts.

CandidBlonde Xx

I Hate #MeToo… A “GirlBoss” Opinion.

I am what most people would consider a “girl boss” an “independent woman” and all those other kitchy terms used to describe a woman who doesn’t need a man in her life that has all of her ducks in a row. I have my own company in a male-dominated industry and all of my clients are men and all of my employees are men. It’s just the way that it is because I have yet to receive a resume from a woman in this field.

Anyways what I want to discuss is the entire “MeToo” movement. And to be honest, I HATE IT! I feel that it is the absolute worst thing to have happened to women and has set women back tremendously.

For starters, this entire “MeToo” movement has made women come across as we are winey, vulnerable and unable to handle a situation. Speaking from my own experiences in work, school, life, and anything …. have men been inappropriate to me? YES!!!! An ASTOUNDING YES!!!!! But you know what I did, I stood up for myself and confronted them RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT, or after at an appropriate time. I didn’t wait for weeks, months or YEARS to handle the situation, but at that moment. Which is one thing that I can’t stand with this “MeToo” movement. It bothers me how some women have lost credibility when it comes to these situations such as the Jian Ghomeshi case. This is what frustrates me the most!  I am a very small, I am a young woman who has ALWAYS held my OWN! If you saw me you would think I was a kid. This movement has just made women look powerless when we are not!  And for me to hear trials going on and then having it be exposed that women are reaching out to the culprits makes me FURIOUS!! All that these women do is it take away any credibility from women who actually had serious situations occur which need to be dealt with.

Now in Hollywood, (I hate Hollywood and I just look at it as a massive embarrassing circus)  I have to hear that Rose McGowan is the “face” of the “MeToo” movement? (my eyes cannot roll back any further) WHAT? Excuse me? Is this the same women who used to date Marilyn Manson and wore a dress of tassels to an award show? What? But she is the face of this movement in Hollywood? Cool. I don’t even think I need to go into detail of how stupid this one looks.  Couldn’t Hollywood have chosen a non-botched, confident, classy more appropriate face to this movement? Why not Natalie Portman or Meryl Streep? Rose McGowan is so delusional she thinks she got “blacklisted” from films because of Harvey Weinstein. Maybe she needs a hardcore reality check and realize she’s in a highly competitive industry and her botched face and lack of talent may be the actual reason auditions aren’t jumping at her. Would I hire her? HELL to the NO!!

Anyways, enough of the Rose McGowan bashing and let’s get back to the point. Are there men who take advantage of their position? Yes. I’m not saying these types of pigs don’t exist. Of course they do. Are there men who are respectful, YES! I am now in my mid-thirties and I work 100% of the time with men. And I can honestly say I have never felt disregarded for my age or for my gender in any meeting or business venture when I am the youngest and only female at the table of all men. And it makes me wonder why is it that I can say this and other women can’t? Maybe it’s because as women we are taught at a young age to be polite and sweet to others? I’m not saying I’m not polite (I’m a really nice person despite how I come across in this post) I don’t know what it is, but I can say I have never EVER been a victim and it is only because I never let any comment or action proceed any further than at that moment.

Unfortunately, due to the entire MeToo movement, I feel that this has set women back. I feel it will be a greater challenge for women to find jobs, especially in male-dominated industries like my own. It’s become a liability to hire women!  And I am saying that as a woman! I have always been a confident assertive woman in the workforce despite my stature and my age. I never cry, I never wine and I never ever allowed a pervert talk to me in an inappropriate way no matter what role he had.

I hate the #MeToo movement. I wish it started off in a different way. Not with washed-up actresses being opportunists. Not with uncredible women crying “MeToo” when they didn’t have proper evidence and made a mockery of the entire situation. I wish it could start all over again with new faces, different cases and a stronger point behind the meaning of “MeToo”. Instead of “MeToo”, I wish it was called “F$^&You”. But I’m pretty sure that would be censored in the first 5 minutes.

Anyways how do you feel the “MeToo” movement has looked like? Do you think its helped women or set us back?


CandidBlonde Xx

Is Halsey’s Message for Victoria Secret’s “Lack of Inclusivity” Valid?

Victoria Secret has been a best friend to most women with their cute lingerie and swimsuits and our worst enemy by smothering gorgeous models all around the store as I take a glimpse in the mirror as I’m in the changeroom. Ugh! I think I speak for majority of women when I say I probably lack every measurement there is to be a Victoria Secret model. However, does it bother me that the brand chooses Amazonian pin thin models to represent the brand? Not really. I don’t mind that it’s a fantasy and these are the requirements needed in order to be featured as a model for the show. Recently musical artist Halsey who performed at the 2018 Victoria Secret Fashion Show made a post about the “lack of inclusivity” the brand has for transgendered models. To be honest…. this kind of bothers me.


In reality every single job which exists has requirements. Some careers you can’t have unless you have a certain amount of education or skills. You can’t be a professional baseball player if you don’t have any limbs. You can’t be a football player if you have the built of a ballerina. You can’t be an opera singer if you can’t hold a note. And you can’t be a doctor if you can’t get into Medical School. So why does everything have to be challenged? I will never ever be a Victoria Secret Model because I lack the requirements of ever becoming one. Does it bother me? NO! Would I love to be a VS Model? HELL YA!! DUHH! It’s beginning to get annoying how everything needs to be challenged and include everyone. If that’s the case, include me in medical school so that I can’ become a plastic surgeon and botch everyone who walks into my operating room.

I am confident enough to watch the show and enjoy it. I personally don’t want to watch a person who has been physically altered march down a runway in lingerie. If that’s the case why doesn’t everyone get ribs removed, implants, lipo and most people can be included. I feel the show will lack the “lustre” it has which lures us in to watch the show every year.


The one thing that does bother me is when I see daughters of millionaires take spots of beautiful girls who don’t come from famous family’s from walking the show. I don’t like how these rich girls take the modeling opportunities from girls who are equally or even more beautiful from walking the show just because they don’t come from famous family’s and lack a million Instagram followers. However I doubt Victoria Secret will change that and I have accepted it. All well.

Do you think Halsey’s message is valid? Or do you think the Victoria Secret Show has specific requirements like most jobs and that’s just the way the industry is like other careers? That’s my opinion. What’s yours?


Candid Blonde Xx

How I Lost My Weight. NO B%S!$@! And 5 Tips That Work!


Oh no not another “how to lose weight” blurb. My boyfriend convinced me to write this one so blame him and here it is. Back in May I realized my pants were tighter, my shirt wasn’t fitting the way that is used to and my belt was on the very last notch. I gained 15 lbs and I was starting to feel uncomfortable in my skin. I’m only 5’1 and 15 pounds on my body SHOWS!!!! Being in my 30s losing weight is not as easy as it was in my teens or in my twenties but I did it. (And it was HELL!) So here is what I did and it’s not pretty but it worked.

  1. Cut carbs. This one is not easy. I literally cut all breads, sugars, fruits, and even vegetables that had lots of carbs. (ie. sweet potato, beans etc) And it was HAARRDDD!!! I almost did a Keto-diet for the first two weeks and ten pounds literally fell off after 3 days. I lived off of broccoli, shrimp and shiratki noodles. For two weeks I did not consume over 30 grams of carbs! After I lost ten pounds I slowly started to add carbs back in but I do still avoid eating bread and heavy carbs but I won’t skimp on a sweet potato or some beans in my meals.
  2. Fasted cardio. Ugh this one sucked too! I literally went for a 30 min jog first thing every morning. I ran before consuming anything. It’ just helps rev up your metabolism and if you are in “keto” it kicks you into “ketosis” which is “fat burning mode”.  It sucked the first week however it was a great way to start my day and I still do it just because I’ve learned to enjoy it and it helps me continue my day being healthy since I started my day doing something healthy for myself. My boyfriend and I would go to the gym together and he would do rowing for his cardio which was great as well because it toned his body at the same time. (so…. obviously I started to row with him.. duhh!)active-aerobics-beautiful-903171
  3. Intermitted Fasting. This one also sucked but it got easier after a couple of days. I would try to not eat after 4pm but definitely didn’t have a morsel of food after 6pm. It was challenging the first week but it got easier. Growing up we never ate after 6pm however in recent years and dating that usually goes out the window when you’re out for dinner and going to late movies. After a year it all caught up on me and I had to think of what I used to do that I’m not doing now and this was one of them. I used to NEVER EVER eat after 6pm. This also helps me with digestion and my stomach since I have always had issues. I was lucky because my boyfriend and I were shedding weight together so it’s great if you have someone to diet with. He wouldn’t allow me to eat something and I would do the same for him. Having a partner when you are trying to diet helps a lot!
  4. Say bye bye to alcohol. This one was hard especially in the summer during patio season but sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do! It was booze or bikini and I really wanted to feel good wearing a bikini again and booze had to be cut out of my diet. Even that little glass of wine can crap up your game so drop it like its hot! If there were moments when I did drink (which was only twice) I had a vodka soda with lots and lots of lemons and limes. And I would limit myself to only two drinks.
  5. Get used to feeling hungry. Sorry I hate to tell you this but it’s when you are feeling hungry is when you are losing weight. If you plan ahead and meal prep and have a plentiful meal before 6pm you will last the whole night. (I promise) It’s human nature to immediately grab a bite of something if we feel hungry or have hunger pains but that is when you are in that “caloric deficit” and your body is in fact “losing weight”. A few things I did to pass the urge was drink a glass of water, read some motivational material or go on Instagram and look at some “thinspiration” (yes it’s an actual term). I’m sorry to tell you but its the truth. Feeling hunger = weight loss. Oops!pexels-photo-1089164

Dieting in my 30s is NOTHING like it was in my teens or twenties. I was lucky enough to skip a meal and I was 5 lbs less the next morning. (Ahh the good old days!) Now in my 30s that doesn’t work. I’ve tried diet pills and all they do is give me the shakes and binge like a monster. I’ve tried programs like BBG, Whole30 just name it, I’ve done it all. I’ve tried it all!! These things with patience helped me shed my extra weight and I hope that these 5 tips will help you. Dieting sucks, I hate it just as much as the next person but just as supermodel Kate Moss says “Nothing tastes as good and feeling thin.” And if that is your goal here are the few tips that helped me.



Cotillion Crash Course! 10 Rules of Etiquette Every Classy Lady Should Know.


Most women did not go to cotillon school growing up. And most of us didn’t go to a debutante ball in our teens. Social etiquette is not a subject tought in school, however more of an imposed common knowledge  most of us should be aware of. However there are always minor details that the general public just don’t know about. Obviously burping in public is a massive “faux pas” however did you know pulling out your compact mirror at the table is also a big “no no”. Here are just a few more rules you may want to know just incase you end up rubbing elbows with the royals next weekend or find yourself on a private yacht with some aristocrats.

Here are some simple rules of etiquette you may want to know before you set foot on that yacht.

  1. When you have guests for the first time FIRST show them where the bathroom is so they can freshen up. And if you are a guest a bottle of wine or box of chocolates always makes a perfect gift.  pexels-photo-352785
  2.  When refilling your glass first ask the people next to you if they would like a refill before you fill up your own glass.
  3. When getting in and out of a car sit at the edge of the seat and pull your legs into the car. And when getting out just step your feet out and get out.
  4. Never ever gossip, brag or criticize. Ladies are just too classy for that anyways.
  5. When drinking coffee you can loop your fingers around the handle, however when you are drinking tea you place your fingers to the front and back of the handle and the classic pinky up. And always drink wine holding the stem of the glass. pexels-photo-355097
  6. When you are at a dinner and the food is placed at the table always grab the food nearest to you. If you want something further away don’t just grab it, ask someone near you to pass it to you. DO NOT just say “yes’ or “yep” or “no” and “nope”. DO SAY “yes, please” and “no, thank you”.
  7. Never leave your purse or its contents on the table. Keep your wallet, keys, lipstick and especially your cell phone in your purse when with company. Since we don’t want to leave our purse on the floor either just hang it on your chair or get one of those portable handbag hangers you can keep in your purse and use when needed. And keep your cellphone in that purse. It’s rude in general to be on your phone when you are with guests and I’m sure you don’t need cotillion school to know that one.
  8. Always be manicured. A big “no no” to chipped nails. Polish or buff those nails so that they always look clean. It is proper etiquette to always look presentable and put together. Always dress to impress.
  9. If you want to fix your hair, your make up or put powder on your face simply excuse yourself from your guests and those around you. And DO NOT say you are going to the bathroom or toilette, just tell them you are going to “freshen up” and then go to the bathroom and let loose. Whip out that hair brush, that compact and go wild. It’s poor manners to fix yourself up in front of anyone. It’s as bad as chewing gum. (BTW I’ve been guilty of both, oops!) holidays-dinner-eating-lunch
  10. And finally at last utensils….just follow the placement from the one furthest to the plate and inward. Forks on the left, knives with blades facing the plate and spoons on the right.

In case you end up hanging out with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle next week I hope this quick post can give you some itty bitty tips. In general just always be kind and polite and make others feel welcomed and comfortable and I think you’re good to go. And don’t forget, don’t whip out that lipstick and compact until you make it to the “powder room”! (Oops!)

Do you think etiquette is lost in todays culture or still important amongst guests?



Looking at American, French and Korean makeup beauty trends.

Beauty is a very universal topic. Probably why its a billion dollar industry. Everyone wants to achieve the ideal standard of beauty wherever they are from. Now with the internet its amazing how we can find on YouTube or Instagram everyone’s beauty routine and which beauty products are popular in different parts of the world. Recently I find most popular trends are “French” looks and most recently Korean trends have become increasingly popular. There are thousands of videos on YouTube alone showing French or Korean beauty regimen and make up trends. Here are some basic points of what I noticed in “beauty trends” in America, French and Korea online. So here we go..


American Beauty

In America we love lots! American’s love their highlighter, contour, lashes, lip liner, lipstick, lip toppers, blush you name it! We love it all! And I’m guilty for all of the above. I love my highlighters, glosses, lashes, plumpers! I LOVE. IT. ALL and use it all.  For makeup we love drama. And more is never enough. If there is a look a girl wants she will put on the tanner, straighten her curly hair and do it all to get that Instagram worthy photo.  Lips need to be plump and juicy and can be achieved with plumpers like “lip injection” from Too Faced Cosmetics. Women over line their lips and even get lip injections just to get that “full lip” look.  If we want lashes, we get extensions or glue on falsies. Tanned skin is preferred and most women use self tanners such as St Tropez (which I use myself) or go get spray tanned or go to tanning beds. I myself prefer the “tanned” look since I find I wear less make up on my face and I simply feel more comfortable with a tan. If we want curly hair we will curl our poker straight hair to accomplish that full waved look. I used to be obsessed with straight hair and I would even use a clothing iron. YES!! A CLOTHING IRON!!! Thank god for ceramic heating tools! Some of my favorites are Babyliss ceramic straighteners and curlers. If we want bangs or long hair we simply get hair extensions and we sew it in, clip it in or bond it in. The possibilities are endless. My favorite hair brand is Bohyme and I make my own clip in extensions. The quality of the hair is amazing and looks great for years! It’s pricey but worth it.

So American ladies I guess are the “go getters” of make up looks. If there is a look they want they will “go get it”. And I can say I’m completely guilty with this! When I wanted that Adriana Lima look I dived in and went for it! American’s will use any product to accomplish the look we want for the day. Why not, that’s why we have all those products available to us anyways! So why not have fun with it! (I do!)

French Beauty

French beauty is very much about working with what you have. French ladies don’t want to “change” their look. They don’t completely change their hair color they prefer the “balayage” look which is subtle “peek-a-boo” highlights. The French don’t try to straighten their hair if it’s curly and they don’t curl if it’s straight. They prefer to work with the texture of the hair they have and make a few enhances using products or with a blow dryer. One popular product the French use (which I love myself) is Nuxe dry oil which gives a nice shine and added to their ends to look healthy.  For makeup they don’t do the whole “contour” or “highlight” all over the face they keep it simple with powder, concealor or a little blush with a bold red lip. French ladies prefer to have a “natural” and “simple” look with one feature to stand out. If they want something bold they will do a bold eye and nothing else. Or a bold lip and nothing else. They never make their make up too much or too harsh. A popular makeup brand is Bourjoise which has a great line for lipsticks, foundations and blushes which many Parisians are known to use.


The French like to keep their beauty natural and simply “enhance” what they have. They like to keep it clean and have one “dramatic” look and not enhance everything. It must work since the “French” look has always been featured on countless magazine covers and for many many years everyone has followed the trends from Paris. Clearly the look has been timeless and that is how the French achieve that “je ne sais quoi” look.

Korean Beauty


Korean beauty is lately something I have been obsessed with! I feel like they know how to have amazing skin and got their anti-aging routine down to an art. In Korea they begin to know the importance of skin care at a very young age. As children they already know the importance of using sunscreen with high SPF for their every day. Their routines include cleansers, toners, the infamous essence, moisturizer, BB creams and the list goes on and on. They have countless skin care brands all selling the perfect “glass skin” look. Brands such as Peach and Lily  to more luxury brands such as SK-II which has become more popular with celebrities and in North America. For make up Koreans use BB creams or CC creams which usually have an SPF of 35 or higher (higher the better). And the cushion foundations have become very popular to achieve that soft dewy look. Koreans also use sheet masks on the regular. The latest trend has been “snail emulsion” for their skin. And yes I mean snails, like the ones you find in the yard and escargot. A popular brand which I have used myself and enjoy is TonyMoly and their  Timeless Ferment Snail Hydrogel MaskIt worked nicely on my skin and left a nice dewy look. I went back and got more sheet masks for myself, family and friends.


Korean beauty is focused primarily on “skin care”. Koreans invest a lot of time and money to achieve that perfect ageless look which I recently have become obsessed with. They stay true to their toners, moisturizers and essence as part of their daily routine. Makeup is very simple and have properties to serve your skin such as SPF or the moisture from a cushion foundation.  All I can say is that this has been my current beauty obsession and some of the women I have seen I couldn’t believe they were in their 50s. If a 50-year-old woman looks like a 20-year-old they are clearly doing something right and I’m all about it!


We all want to look beautiful where ever we are in the world. And I love learning what women are doing in different parts of the world to stay youthful and beautiful everyday. Luckily now with the internet we are able to go online and see what people are doing and what the current beauty trend is. And with a click online or on Amazon we can try it at home.

What is your favorite beauty product and which beauty trend are you most interested in?




Is Budapest the new trendy vacation hot spot to visit? Top 5 places to visit in this amazing city.

I remember a few years ago everyone was going to Iceland. I would go on Instagram and I would see tags everyday of people in the Blue Lagoon or taking selfies on the black sand. It seemed to be the “place to go to” and “the place to be”. Now I’ve been noticing the same thing with Budapest. And lucky for me I went to Hungary years ago and I LOVED IT! I loved Balaton and I LOOOVVEEED Budapest. Like myself my boyfriend kept seeing posts and tags of Budapest everywhere! Like Iceland a couple of years ago, Budapest seems to be the new trendy vacation spot. He wanted to go for our spring trip and I love that city and said Hell Ya! Since it was my second time I already knew what to check out and what he needed to see. So here are my top 5 places to see in Budapest, Hungary.


  1. The Széchenyi thermal baths. If you have not stopped to experience this you have done your trip totally wrong! Budapest is known for their thermal baths. My boyfriend and I started out our morning at the baths and got the little cabins which included the entrance, towers and robes for 20 euro. They have baths inside and outside and it’s an AMAZING experience and so relaxing. A definite MUST DO on your Budapest “to do’ list.
  2. New York Palace Cafe. There is a reason why this place is recognized as “the most beautiful cafe in the world“. The architecture inside is absolutely stunning. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for a meal and drinks. My boyfriend and I each had a cappuccino and a desert. And to be honest the prices weren’t insane. If you want to feel like royalty while sipping on tea or coffee this is the place to go to. The architecture and the detail put into the design is definitely something worth checking out. download(PHOTO CREDIT FROM
  3. The Ruin Bars. My boyfriend’s cousin recommended us to go to the Ruin Bars for a drink. It’s a low-key vibe and very unique. It’s edgy and has a cool “dive bar” esque vibe. So if you’re looking for a low key but unique experience to grab a drink the Ruin Bars are a great spot to go. Now if a “dive bar” isn’t exactly your thing, you can try out the High Note Sky Bar. With a breath-taking rooftop view you get bougie and trendy with your cocktail order. It’s an Aria hotel, so you can’t expect anything less. Both of these are great spots to have a shot of palinka! high-note-skybar-ejjel323.jpg (PHOTO CREDIT FROM
  4. obviously Buda castle and Parliament. My boyfriend and I enjoyed exploring Buda where you can go and visit Buda castle. It’s a cute part of Budapest with lots of history. When you walk down you can see the Parliament building which is like no other building I have ever seen. When you see it at night lit up from the Chain Bridge it’s just the best “Kodak” moment.
  5. Eat your lángos and Hungarian goulash! Food is a MUST to experience in my traveling adventures! And there was just no way I was leaving without trying some Hungarian goulash. The way I make goulash is different from the Hungarian style. Mine is more of meat with gravy, where in Hungary I noticed it was more of a soup. It was insanely delicious! And nothing tastes better than a Hungarian goulash in Hungary made by a Hungarian. Check point! Also if you want to try a Hungarian desert you should try out the lângos.  It’s deep-fried dough and you can get it with sour cream on it (the original way), cheese, Nutella, strawberries and all sorts of toppings. They taste delicious, especially after a night at the Ruin Bars! (just saying..)

Budapest has been and probably always will be one of my favorite cities I can visit again and again. I love the culture, I love the people, I love the architecture, I love the food and I can go on and on. We stayed at an Airbnb outside of the Cathedral on the little strip and it was a great view from our balcony every morning of our stay. There is obviously so much more to see and experience however I wanted to keep my list to five. If you are only there for a weekend trip I hope this list can help you.

What is your favorite city to visit? And do you think Budapest is the new trendy vacation spot?




10 Things every female should have or experience before she turns 40.


Time flies when you’re living life. I blinked and the next thing I knew I was turning 20! I blinked again and I was turning 30! What is a girl supposed to do! With work, family, friends and drama we sometimes miss out and forget to stop and smell the roses. I remember for years I was in severe “work mode” and I realized one day that I did not have a SINGLE summer memory of myself doing anything for YEARS! NO BUENO SEÑORITA!! Forget smelling roses, I didn’t smell bouquets!!! How could I be so careless to myself! Now I have made a promise to myself that I will live, do, have and experience things so I have lots to keep and look back on. So to make things simple here is a list of what I feel every woman should experience or own by the time they turn 40. Well, at least for myself, so here we go…

  1. Travel somewhere alone. Now I’m not saying go backpacking by yourself for a month halfway across the world although that is awesome and I recommend it. That’s not for everyone or for everyone’s budget. I’m saying even if there is a town, a city or just anywhere go alone! Go camping alone! You don’t need to for a month or a week, even just a day or two. You will be amazed what you will learn and experience about yourself. pexels-photo-386140
  2. Splurge on something for yourself. Drop that money like its hot for your one and only… meaning YOURSELF! Whether it’s a handbag, shoes, jacket whatever it is DO IT!!! You live once and you can always make money. And besides you deserve it! Spoil yourself, we all deserve that special something.
  3.  Attend a gala or charity event. Everyone needs to feel like a princess every once in a while. It doesn’t need to be limited to only prom or your wedding day. We all need a night where we can wear a fabulous gown and feel like Cinderella once again in our lives. I remember my first gala I thought I was going to hate it because it seemed stuffy and intimidating but I actually had a wonderful night. I met such kind and interesting people (as you would anywhere) but at least I looked fancy and had lots of photos to show off. 😉
  4. Own stemmed wine glasses. I went through this phase where I wanted to be ultra trendy and super cool and different and decided to get wine glasses without stems. You know the kind that every guy owns in their bachelor pad. Well ladies we are more classy than that and ladies only drink wine out of stemmed glasses. It’s just more classic and appropriate for wine. Just saying…  pexels-photo-696219
  5. Create a photo album. Now people constantly post photos online with Instagram and Facebook and a number of us (me being one of them) forget to take the time and print some of those amazing photos and putting them into an album like the good old days. Remember the days when our parents would hold onto this amazing book with all of these memories that go back for many decades and generations. Wasn’t it a much better experience than looking at these moments and holding these photos in your hand and not on a phone or screen. Everyone should have at least one amazing photo album on their coffee table or shelf.
  6. Do a photo shoot. This a ballsey one but its great. Years ago my friend convinced me to do a bikini shoot. I was on a diet and I was feeling good about myself and she convinced me to do it. As terrified as I was I DID IT!! I literally was shaking and immensely nervous. It was definitely out of my comfort zone but after a few minutes I was having fun with it. And now years later I look back and I think DAMN GIRL!!! I can’t believe it’s me in some of those photos! (not to sound cocky but I’m really really glad that’s me in that photo!) As intimidating as it may be just do it! It doesn’t need to be a bikini shoot. My friend did a glamorous shoot which looked very 1940’s and she looked absolutely stunning. She even has one photo enlarged in her bedroom. It should be on the cover of a magazine. She did it, I did it and you should to! So strike a pose!
  7. Do something that scares you. I will be the first to admit that I am the world’s biggest chicken. I’m afraid of the dark, I’m afraid heights, I’m afraid bees, I’m afraid of anything that goes too fast. I should just be cluck cluck clucking all day long. But I HATE being scared and force myself to face it. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment like I climbed Mount Everest.  I went camping out in the dark, I couldn’t even see my hand in front of me in my tent. I have gone bungee jumping which was great but I will never do again. I have gotten stung by a bee hence why I’m still scared and I have driven a car on the autobahn. As much as these things scare me, I HATE being scared even more. I like to command and conquer. You don’t need to be crazy and do these things all the time, but challenge yourself and just face your fear once! You’ll be amazed how much your fear is more mind over matter. The adrenaline and sense of accomplishment after will be all worth it.
  8. Experience a culture completely different from your own. I love to travel. I will happily blow all my money on a flight and backpack and just experience the world all day every day. Take one trip wherever it may be where you don’t understand the language, you never tried the food, never heard the music and can’t pronounce a single word. My friend went to Japan last year and he LOVED IT! He said it was the best trip he had ever been on and he learned so much about himself and the people and culture. Education is amazing and knowledge is very powerful. However don’t under-estimate the knowledge gained when you open your mind to other parts of the world and experience different cultures and people. You will wise beyond your years.
  9. Volunteer. Not because the courts made you but because you want to! I volunteer and its something I look forward to every week. You will be surprised with the overwhelming feeling you get once you know you have done something good for someone or for society. It’s a beautiful gift you can give at not cost. If you can’t do it on the regular, you should at least do it once. You’ll be amazing with how much you will gain by giving. It’s wonderful.
  10. And at last…. complete a DIY project. Yes, you little miss handy pants! Whether it’s a jewelry box, a chair, or a painting. You be the creator from step one. You will be surprised what you are capable of and YES you can do it! My friend made cute jewelry for herself just for fun. She would always wear it when we went out and people would ask where she got it. Did you know she now has a business!!! I’m not saying we all will make a business from what we make. However there should be one amazing Goliath project we have set to challenge ourselves to do. My friend fixed up a car completely on his own. I made for myself a dress. It was a pain in the ass but I was very impressed with my sewing skills and show it off on the regular. You will be amazed with what you can create and once you are done you will be so proud you will want to show it off to everyone and their dog!floor-flooring-hand-man-1388944

This list is for every girl who just needs an idea of what to do when she has a chance to stop and smell the roses. Live life in the moment and enjoy! If you stress about the future you will be anxious. If you constantly relive the past you will get depressed. If you live in the present, well… you’re living! Isn’t that just an amazing gift! How lucky are you! Don’t get into the tunnel vision I had been in with work and look back and not have a single moment to enjoy for years!! I owe living to myself as you do to you! I hope this list gives you some ideas and I hope you can share what you do.

What do you think you should experience or own before you turn 40  or even 20 or 50 when you finally have a chance to stop and smell the roses?


Do fashion designers make good makeup brands? Let ‘s look into Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs Beauty.


I don’t wear any makeup. Just kidding!! I’m obsessed and a self-confessed makeup junkie. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it! I love makeup so much that when my luggage didn’t arrive when I landed in Hawaii the first thing I went to get was makeup! I know, that’s bad! Who thinks about underwear when a girl doesn’t have her blush and foundation!

If you’re like me or most women you own several brands of makeup. From drugstore brands to Sephora brands and the fancy pants brands you can only get in Nordstrom. So we all know the brands that solely focus on make-up such as Benefit Cosmetics, CoverGirl and Charlotte Tilbury (my fave). But my question is, do the makeup brands which we recognize in Vogue and on the fashion runways such as Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs make good quality makeup? And do these fashion brands measure up to brands which fully focus on makeup?


Of course fashion brands usually expand into makeup. They may as well since they are already recognized in the beauty industry and are knowledgable of what consumers are looking for in cosmetics from runway shows and magazine cover shoots. So why not expand and create a makeup brand?

Let’s start with Marc Jacobs Beauty. I of course purchased the Marc Jacobs bronzer, the dew drops and the foundation. But was it worth the price?

Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer – $49.00

Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter – $44.00

Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation – $55.00

With only three items you’re already paying over $100! So are they worth it? Here is what I think.

First I consider packaging. I’m a sucker for a pretty package. If there is something with a nice pink bow, I’ll probably buy it even if I don’t need it. Guilty! Oops! And pretty packages do come at a pretty price. So the packaging for Marc Jacobs Beauty is sleek and elegant. The highlighter and the foundation come in nice frosted bottle which are worthy of standing alone on the top shelf of my vanity. The bronzer comes in a nice large sleek compact, which I don’t mind to whip out in public. So I will confirm a high-grade on the packaging.

Secondly we always need to consider quality. Does it feel good on my skin? Does the product measure up to what it claims? Does it last? Does it make my face look as good as the model does? All these things we need to think about. The bronzer is one of my friend’s favorite makeup products. She swears by it and it looks great on her skin. She is more olive toned and it blends nicely with her complexion. I like it as well however since I am more fair I need to be light handed with my application. The highlighter gel was one of the first highlighters in a “gel” formula  which I have tried and I love it! I don’t need much and it makes me glow to the gods. It smells nice and since it’s a liquid it blends nicely into my skin without the chalky look a powder can give. Lastly the foundation was just plain awful! Sorry but it was! It dried out my skin. It oxidized and literally made my skin go orange! It did last all day, however it made my skin look dry and crusty! So WHO WOULD WANT THAT ON ALL DAY! So a Hell To The NO for the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation. But I need to add the eyeliners are amazing and do last a long time!

Lastly I always consider price. I’m one of those people who is completely brand loyal and if there is a product I love and can’t live without I will pony up the dollars if I need to. So, do I think Marc Jacobs makeup is worth the price? For the amount of product and the prices being around the same range if not a little more than other brands such as Becca Cosmetics, I feel Marc Jacobs Beauty is priced well for the quality and packaging you are paying for.

Next up is Tom Ford Beauty. Tom Ford used to be the creative director for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. He eventually created his own brand which I have to be honest is amazing! I am a BIG fan of his clothing. Tom Ford makes great suits, cologne, sunglasses you name it, for a heavy price. Alright, now that we have established that Tom Ford knows how to make a man look good in a suit, can his makeup make me into a beauty queen or Vogue cover worthy?

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate – $85.00

Tom Ford Cheek Color – $62.00

Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 – $87.00

So again let’s look at packaging. I LOVE TOM FORD PACKAGING!! Especially the lipsticks. They look simple, elegant and the right amount of bougie style a girl wants to keep in her clutch. The man does know how to make amazing clothes, so I’m not surprised that makes a great looking makeup compact. The quad compacts and the “Shade and Illuminate” compact are very simple and classy looking. Something I wouldn’t mind whipping out at the boardroom table during a coffee break. So definitely a high-grade on the Tom Ford Beauty packaging.

Next the quality. Ugh! I can’t say I’m too impressed. None of his products offer anything new in the beauty industry for the price. The “Illuminate and Shade” didn’t wow me. It’s nothing that stands out to me for a bronzing and highlighting product. The blush is the same as any other blush I’ve purchased from drugstores and Sephora. Yes, the foundation has SPF but so what, most foundations have SPF. The products don’t last all day and the lipstick doesn’t have modeling agents approach me. The blush doesn’t get me invitations to red carpet events either. “sigh” So all I can say is “yawn” and “ouch” to my wallet!

Lastly is it worth the price? For only three products you’re paying over $200! You definitely buy a nice package and a good size amount of product. Are the formulas and colors mind-blowing and something I can’t get anywhere else for less? Nope! Tom Ford is an amazing clothing designer however for makeup its a big dissappointment. I’ll give credit that the “Shade and Illuminate” you get two products in one. However $62.00 for blush I just can’t justify. You’re essentially paying a high price for packaging and the Tom Ford brand name.

So do fashion brands that make it to Vogue and fashion runways make it to my Sephora checkout bag?


I think Marc Jacobs Beauty is priced well for what you get. I love the Marc Jacobs highlighter gel and the eyeliner is incredible. Literally a holy grail of mine. The eyeliner is easy to use on my upper waterline and lasts a good amount of my day. Which no other eyeliner has the ability to do!

Tom Ford I don’t feel you are paying for makeup however for the Tom Ford “name”. Yves Saint Laurent is one of my favorite fashion brands and makeup brands as well. I love YSL bags, perfume and I am the biggest fan of YSL Touché Eclat, the smokey eyeshadow quad, the foundation cushion compact and their Rouge Volupte Lipsticks. I’m obsessed! Since Tom Ford worked with YSL I was hoping he would deliver the same “je ne sais quoi” with his makeup line. However I’m paying more for “meh” than “wow”. So I’ll stick with my Marc Jacobs Beauty products, my YSL holy grails and say “au revoir” to Tom Ford makeup.



Designer Handbags VS “Designer Inspired” Handbags

I love handbags. I think every female is guilty of this love. I own the Chanel Classic Flap, the Chloe Faye Bag, the iconic Celine Medium Luggage, and the Chanel Boy Bag. Just kidding! I don’t own any of those. But I must say each of those bags are drool worthy. I personally do love the Chanel Classic Flap in caviar leather and silver hardware. A great classic piece for anyone’s wardrobe. Are these bags beautiful? Hell ya! Are they good quality, for that price duhh! However can we all spend $5,000 on a purse? Not really and some who can just don’t want to. It’s all a matter of what we rather spend our hard earned cash on. So why not look into the “designer inspired” bag for much much less.



I have to say the “Designer Inspired” bags have become more common in stores such as “Topshop“, “Forever21” “Zara” and H&M“. And with online shopping it is even easier to purchase a great “designer inspired” bag. I think they are great if you just like the style for now and don’t see the reason to invest thousand’s of dollars in one bag.  For a fraction of the price you can still have the “look” the authentic bags offer.

There are also the dare I say “knock offs”. I know a lot of people are against “knock offs” and almost everyone has an opinion on the subject. However I don’t care if someone buys a knock off. It is their money and their pergogative. And if designers want to charge items for thousands of dollars for a bag it’s simply the risk they need to take in the fashion crazy world we live in.


I have a “designer inspired” Celine purse from BAGINC.COM and I LOVE it! It’s made with leather and it’s greatquality for the price. And I know if it gets scratched I won’t be too stressed about it. That pieace of mind is worth the savings for me. Also, I purchased a Burberry handbag which I LOOOOVVEEE  and it’s also well made however I do get paranoid the leather or the hardware will get scrathced since I paid big bucks for that baby! Although I do love the bag and don’t have any regrets over how much I spent  it can be a mental  pain in the ass. Especially if you’re like me who likes to keep her things in mint condition. It reminds me when I got my brand new car and I was a wreck any scratch or bump was on it.

I guess it’s all up to what the customer wants. If we want to invest in a designer bag, why not! If we want to buy a “designer inspired” bag, why not! It’s our money and I’ll buy what I want too! PHEW!

What do you think about designer handbags and “designer inspired” handbags?